Any diwali skin care tips for coming diwali festive season?

Diwali is round the corner. Cracker smokes will be all around. How do I take care of my skin and overall health? Any good tips? Any special lotions ?

Go with the traditional way of taking care of the skin and hair during Diwali. During Diwali, its winter in most part of India. So keep your skin moisturised is atmost important if you want to flaunt yourself in those new lehengas.

  1. Start with Abhyanga. Translated as the practice of going with the flow, Abhyangam is a therapeutic massage meant to move along the path of your body’s natural bloodstream. All the way to the tips of your toes, and right back to your heart. Warm the body oil and massage it in the circular motion. Let it get soaked in the body.
    There are some good massage oils available from the good brands. Tvam has very good massage oils You can use Body Massage Oil - Anti-Cellulite Maya
  2. Along with the body massage, head massage is also important as hair becomes dull and lifeless because of harsh weather. In the earlier days, hair massage/ champi used to be the essential part of sunday routine. Its replaced by hair spa now. The basic methods are same with the modern touch. But you can definitely go back to the head massage as a part of Diwali ritual. Choose a good hair oil depending on the concerns (hairfall, dandruff or simply care), warm it a bit and give a good massage.
  3. Once both head massage and body massage is done, wait for 30 mins to get the goodness soaked in.
  4. For bath, don’t go with harsh soaps/ body wash. Otherwise, it just nullifies the effect of the abhyanga. You should go for body ubatans. They have scrubbing effect that helps to remove the excess oil without losing the required moisture from the skin. Check Inari naturals body ubatan. " Body Ubtan 100% Natural - With Goodness of Turmeric"
  5. Go for some natural cleansers for hair.

Wow… sound like a exquisite ethnic practice of beauty and care… I wish I had all the time to do all this during Diwali day. Hahaha…