Face wash for oily skin

I have an oily and acne prone skin. What is the best face wash for oily skin? It should remove only excess oil and not the skin moisture

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Try an oil-binding liquid or gel cleanser formulated for oily skin. Also avoid using “super fatted” soaps that contain oily ingredients such as cocoa butter, cleansing cream, or lanolin.


Moisturising - Depending on the oiliness of the skin, you may not need to use the moisturiser at all. But if you think you need one, go for moisturisers that contain humectants (ingredients that attract and hold water) such as glycerin and sodium pyrrolidonecarboxylic acid (PDA). These ingredients trap water in your skin without producing a greasy shine. Also choose lotion, they are lighter than creams and tend to contain less oil, so they won’t clog pores.

Cosmetics - Opt for oil-free and water based foundations. They won’t add extra oil to an already oily complexion. Other options are oil-blotting foundations and powders, which delay shine by soaking up excess oil. Use powder rather than cream blushers.

Sun Protection - Many people with oily skin shy away from sunscreens, fearing that the oil they contain will trigger breakouts. Oil-free sunscreens can keep your skin safe from solar assault without adding extra shine.

The Rules:


  • Cleanse your face twice a day - In the morning and before the bed - with mild liquid cleanser formulated for oily skin
  • Use astringents no more than once a day. Better don’t use them at all.
  • Choose an oil-free or oil-in-water moisturiser if needed
  • Use oil-free or oil-blotting foundation and powder and powder blusher to stop oily shine and head off breakouts.
  • Use an oil-free sunscreen with and SPF of at least 15 everyday


  • Overscrub your skin. Oil is the skin’s protective barrier.
  • Cleanse your face more than twice a day
  • Develop an astringent addiction
  • Use moisturiser if not needed
  • Keep slapping on powder to mop up oil - your skin will look chalky.

Thanks, @Laxmi.Katti. This is like a very detailed one. I’ll surely (!) try to use these techniques. and thanks for product recommendation too.

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