I bought press on acrylic nails... how should I use it?

Hi There… I bought press on acrylic nails from Sugatra, nail it! brand… can you describe process to apply them? this one
Acrylic/ Press-on Designer Nails with Glue Tabs | Artificial Nails Und (mesugatra.com)

Hello Amrita,

Thanks for your purchase. I hope you liked the nails. Please follow the instructions below to use these nails:

  1. File Your Nail
  2. Clean it.
  3. Select the appropriate size of the glue tab.
  4. Stick it on the original nail and press it properly.
  5. Tear Off the film
  6. Select the right size press on nail and stick it.
  7. Press it for 10-15 seconds and you are done.

You can refer to these blogs on our site for more detailed steps and removal as well.