Nail decorations

How can I decorate my nails for wedding and other functions?

In wedding functions, Nail art looks good and elegant. There are various types for decorate nail. I suggest you use ASMEE Gel Nail Polish. There are various glossy shades that suits all type of functions. You can use one of them. You can design your nails easily by own. Let’s see how…

  • Select one ASMEE Gel Nail Polish shade.
  • Apply it to your nails. This nailpolish will very smoothly applied on your nails.
  • Let it dry.
  • Choose another shade of ASMEE Nail Polish and design it on your nails via pin or toothpick ( you can take other things which is very thin from bottom).
  • You can make flowers or small dots on nails via other shade of nail polish.

These simple steps and simple designs make your nails more attractive in wedding or other functions.
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Thank You…