Skin brightening for oily skin

Pls suggest product for skin brightening… Oily skin tone

You skintone depends on melanin contents within the skin and usually that can’t be changed. However, the skin brightness is lost due to many factors. Age, the skincare routine, exposure to sun, pollution, etc. So you need to see the products that work on these factors and not the original skin care. Any products that claim to lighten the skin may not be correct product for your skin.

There are some good brands who helps to reduce the tan and works on uneven skin tone. They also work on acne marks or the pigmentation due to aging. Some such good products are listed below:

  • INARI NATURALS - MASK-IT-AWAY FOR OILY SKIN - Lightens dark spots, helps in pore cleansing, brightens up the skin

  • RAHUL PHATE - Hydra-Aqua Brightening Gel - Excellent tan-reducing oil-free moisturizer for oily skin, acne, pimples, marks, and scars. Skin softening-Hydrating oil-free Brightening gel.

  • INARI NATURALS FRUIT MASK- 100% NATURAL FRUIT BASED FACE MASK - Improves the texture of the skin, brightens and heals the skin, treats acne and oily skin

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