Solution for dark spots

I developed dark spots and acne on my face after I delivered a baby. Can you please suggest a good product.

These dark spots are mainly due to pigmentation or acne marks. Pigmentation is genetics and also due to hormonal changes. We women go through lots of hormonal issues post pregnancy, so these are some of the very common issues. Also, these are developed with age. But I don’t see that issue with you.

I would suggest to go with some products those are naturally derived as they give long lasting results. It may take time to show up the results, but effect would be long lasting. Some chemical based products show immediate results, but you start seeing the issues again once you stop using the product.

I found brand Amayra Naturals very good for organic products. They have wide range of skincare and haircare products those are very effective. For dark spots and acne scars, try their " Ziya Vitamin C Serum [15% ] Hyaluronic + Turmeric Hydrosol". Its base ingredient is turmeric which we already know as a base of any Indian organic home care product. It also has Vitamin C which has tones of benefits for skin.